Ilaria was born and raised in Bologna but now lives in Milan with her two daughters. She has over 15 years’ experience in human resources and during this time she concentrated on developing the potential and skills of employees through experiential training programmes. When she is not helping others, Ilaria can be found in Greece, reading, walking, and enjoying the slow pace of the sea.

What’s your mission in life and work?
My mission is to make people feel good. I want to create corporate cultures where individuals can reconnect with themselves, and allow themselves to take time to breathe, and to let energy to flow. I want to create positive cultures – encouraging people and organisations to understand the importance of their people, and to nurture value based relationships.

What’s the most inspiring part about working for Sewa Beats?
I love the energy of Sewa Beats and the simple methods that they use to touch the hearts of people in organisations. The first time I saw Sewa Beats on stage, it was the most amazing experience I’d ever had. And now, I have the opportunity to work with them! I’m continually understanding how rhythm and music permeates African culture, and I am increasingly convinced that music is a very important channel that helps people to connect with themselves and each other in a new and profound way.

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