Working for Sewa Beats isn’t just another job.

We’re looking for someone to become part of our family.
We want to work with people as passionate about shaping people’s lives as we are.

We’re constantly looking for new opportunities to help companies develop their leaders and build teams. We need people with facilitation, coaching, and leadership skills to help us take Sewa Beats to the next level. Are you the person to help us?

We want people who are smart, business minded and confident. We’re looking for people who are ready for a challenge and are comfortable to see and do things differently. We believe in working together and making our team greater than the sum of its parts.

Do you feel you have what it takes to work with us?

Do you share our core values of tolerance, respect, and discipline?

Are you driven by seeing people grow and develop?

Do you have a passion for music, rhythm, and drumming?

If you’ve answered yes to all four questions, let’s talk.