Pascale was born in Paris but now lives in Madrid with her husband and her youngest son. She is the Director for Sewa Beats in Spain.

She has more than 20 years business experience in senior corporate positions ranging from corporate sales to management. This business acumen, combined with her passion for dance and music, brings a unique approach to her work.

Pascale has a deep-rooted love for African culture, dance, and music. In 2007, Pascale co–founded the Cultural Association Mandjani, Dance, Music & Arts, creating a platform for artistic, cultural and social exchange between Spain and Africa. When she’s not working, Pascale can be found singing in a band, practicing African dance or fulfilling her love for travel.

What’s your mission in life and work?
I want to inspire individuals and organizations for positive change and contribute to humanize the workplace.

I believe that organizations are key actors for driving cultural change in society, improving people’s lives while gaining in business competitiveness.

What’s the most inspiring part about working for Sewa Beats?

We use rhythm and music as a fantastic metaphor for learning and feeling joy at the same time, bringing values from African culture to the workplace.

Whatever the size of the group (from 10 to thousands), people will remember the experience as something unique and inspiring.

Want to work with us? We’re always looking for inspirational people to be part of our team.