Business is constantly shifting – new markets and technologies emerge, customers demand change, and organizations restructure.

We believe management leadership style and behavior is far more important to delivering successful change than processes and policy. Employees need to be able to trust their organization and their leaders.

Our interactive training that involves learning through music, rhythm, and drumming helps participants understand the key skills and behaviors to lead change in their organization.

Making change a part of the culture

For most people, the biggest fear of change is the change itself. Reinforcing the value of successful change to weave change into the company culture.

Showing empathy and compassion

Understanding how different people react to new situations. Appreciating how their actions impact others.

Leading a team that works together towards a common goal

Change can’t be sold – everyone in an organization needs to be involved with making change happen successfully. Your team needs to be aligned.

Facilitation skills

Empowering action in others to find their own solutions and responses to a problem. Helping others overcome fear and uncertainty.

Having tolerance and respect for all

Realizing that most people think emotionally and act instinctively to change. Allowing all views and ideas to be heard.

Responding instead of reacting

Using mindfulness techniques to help participants slow down and step back from situations. Awareness of our emotions and actions, allowing new perspectives and reasoned choices.

Do your leaders need help in enabling change in your organization?

Let’s talk about how our change management through drumming training solution can inspire them to take your company to the next level.

It has been a pleasure for Adonix to work with Sewa Beats. The workshop they delivered totally fulfilled our expectations. Not only did it cover the entertainment aspect, but it also met the objectives we had defined for the event, which was to bring to the participants the concepts of team work, creating synergies when we work together and the achievement of goals.

Fabianne Ducarouge, Marketing and Communication Director, Adonix Group in Spain

Our thanks to you for the session you ran for our future managers on the subject Workshops for Listening and Watching - Sound. The participants from the Management Group Seminar really appreciated your performance. Speaking on behalf of them and my team, we would all like to express our wholehearted appreciation.

Antonin Fotso, Training Director, Total