Communication is the foundation of all successful businesses. If a company wants to grow and adapt, they need to be able to motivate action in their employees.

Effective communication outlines a clear objective, connects teams to a vision, and encourages innovation and development.

Sewa Beats takes inspiration from the African culture of joy, respect, and connection through music.

We use music, rhythm, and drumming as a training vehicle to teach your teams skills that will allow them to:

Facilitate innovation

We want to create a culture of cooperation that encourages new thinking. We do this by allowing participants to get comfortable experimenting and sharing ideas.

Create an effective team

We encourage your team to work towards a common goal. We help everyone understand the part they play in achieving the group’s objectives.

Actively listen to those around them

At our sessions, participants are encouraged to engage and connect to what they feel – not just what they think. This supports them in deciphering the meaning behind verbal and non-verbal cues – creating awareness and empathy.

Build and maintain relationships

Shared experience is a catalyst for building relationships. Our sessions bring your teams together, asks them to draw on each other’s talents, unify around a common goal, and solidify connections.

Appreciate silence

Communication isn’t just about what we say. During our training, we encourage participants to use and appreciate silence to reconnect and refocus.

Does your team need tools to help them inspire action?

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Sewa Beats helped us communicate in a very different way the concepts of union, collaboration, empowerment and leadership. These are important concepts that we are looking for every day from all departments and professionals inside our organization and that we also apply to our technological projects.

Carlos Sanz, Marketing Director, IBdos