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Music as a Metaphor for Success: Experiential Conference Keynote with Tuned Percussion Tubes

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The session took place during the opening of our annual kick-off meeting. Nobody expected it, and after the initial surprise, people were really enthusiastic about it. The energy generated kept the mood positive for the rest of the day. At three in the morning, when the music and the drinks stopped, the 50 people who were still around spontaneously started singing the African song we had learnt that morning. Some were singing and the others responded with "oeooo, OEOO, oeoo, OEOOO"! They really were a synchronized team! If they'd had djembes near by, I reckon they would have played them non-stop until the next morning!

Daniel Lorente, Marketing, Public Sector, Gedas Iberia

I have lost count of all the positive comments coming in from our staff about your session. If you’re trending on Facebook this week, it’s because of our staff! Thank you for such a memorable close to a terrific 3 days! This was the best closing to any meeting or conference I’ve ever seen!

The American Heart Association