Have you ever thought what your life would be like without light? Can you imagine your life with no internet access?

What about a place where you can’t even have basic medical treatment? Where cold medicine is scarce?

How about going to school where there are no books, not enough desks, and where even basic supplies such as pencils are sparse?

For the villagers of Abéné, this life is a stark reality. Home to about 5,000 people, almost 80% of the village doesn’t have access to power. Their school is lacking even the most essential supplies.

Unemployment levels in the village are high.

We are changing this.

Sewa Beats draws energy and inspiration from the rhythm and music we first discovered in Abéné. It’s only right, therefore, that we help those who’ve helped us.

Alongside our partners, we have developed Lighting up Lives – a program where we work with the people of Abéné to transform it into a model village.

Our program is based on five main pillars:


We send regular shipments of fundamental supplies such as chairs, desks, books, and pencils so the children of Abéné can learn.


All of the merchandising for our partner program – Do You Speak Djembe – is made in the village providing employment for people in the village and surrounding area.


As well as providing the hardware needed for harnessing solar power, we teach and train villagers to secure the project’s future.


We believe we can grow through learning from other cultures. We hold a regular cultural exchange for teachers from Switzerland and Abéné to learn from each other’s differences and teach each other new skills.


Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right and yet one that not everyone enjoys. We’re providing much needed medical supplies to Abéné to protect the wellbeing of the villagers

Would you like us to bring light to the village of Abéné?

Let us know how we can work together to better the lives of those around us.