We are Sewa Beats. We believe an organization’s strength lies in its people. We want to help you cultivate that strength.

Our purpose is to help companies flourish by delivering hands-on training that develops inspiring leaders and builds connected teams.

We empower people to find and define their strengths and passions so they can make a positive impact on the world.

We encourage teams to be innovative and engaged.

We are driven by our core values of tolerance, respect, dignity, and integrity.

We believe the power of music, rhythm, and drumming is transformational.

Do you share our vision?

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I cannot say enough positive things about the outcome of the event. I was simply amazed with what [you] were able to do with our team. It was so engaging and so fun! I got nothing but praises. Everyone got the messages while having fun doing it. I would definitely do it again and recommend to others.

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