The world’s a diverse place and there’s a lot we can learn from it.

A fundamental element of African culture is the joy, respect, and connections made through making music. We have taken these principles and developed them using modern training techniques.

Through our training and drum workshop, participants can share experiences that help them reconnect with their work leaving them with a more profound awareness of the challenges they need to conquer.

Training tailored to your objectives

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to our training. We work to your objectives – not ours. No matter what you want to achieve, we will develop a session that delivers results.

Different tools for different results

Sewa Beats teaches through rhythm, breath, music, drum, voice, and body. You won’t find 50-slide powerpoints and traditional icebreakers in our sessions. Instead, we use active and experiential learning to unlock your employee’s potential for leadership, effective communication, and teamwork.

Sessions that are hands-on, immersive, and fun

We believe that people learn best through experience. We encourage participants to step away from the familiar and connect with themselves and each other in a new way. Our training and drum workshop encourages participants to work together, engaging their mind, bodies, and emotions.

Do you have a problem that you need help solving?

Let’s explore how the power of music, rhythm, and interactive drumming can change the way you work.

Sewa Beats were just sensational. With each beat of the drums, the emotion, the pleasure and the smile of Sewa Beats went to our hearts. It was a real pleasure to feel African for a time. You feel so liberated, and it seems such a shame when it comes to an end. This was one of the most enrapturing experiences that I have come across. In short, it was a smash hit!

Claudio Nauli, Managing Director, Rotunda Tours