Everyone feels stressed at times and different people deal with it in different ways.

Organizational change, business uncertainty, or team pressures can leave employees feeling overwhelmed and tense. Too much stress can result in low motivation, poor performance, and harm personal wellbeing.

Our stress management training equips teams and individuals with simple tools to help them embrace challenges and refocus on success. We take a lot of our inspiration from Zen teachings and meditation. We believe that these mindfulness techniques can be used in all situations – professional and personal – to cope with difficult circumstances:

Restoring balance

Creating awareness of breathing and the effect it has on our emotions and actions

Calling on hidden strength

Understanding and releasing hidden inner resources for coping

Aligning heart and head

Ensuring emotions and body are in sync

Being present in the moment

Letting go of distractions and being aware of where they are and what they’re doing at a single point in time

The power of silence

Using and appreciating silence to reconnect and refocus.

Stress can make people feel confused.

Don’t let your team lose their way. Get in touch to explore how we can help your team manage stress through music, rhythm, and interactive drumming.

We organised a drumming session during our yearly sales motivation meeting, and the response of the participants was great. They really enjoyed the fun and the unusual approach to team building and learning. Everyone was highly surprised at how it was possible to end the session by being able to achieve one piece all together, while having so much fun.

Olav L.Hoff, Marketing Director, Tupperware(Suisse) SA