You’re looking for something different. You want a team building activity that’s positive, brings people together with shared experiences, and reinforces key skills and messages.

You’ve come to the right place.

Our training equips teams and individuals with simple tools to help them embrace challenges and refocus on success. Sewa Beats uses music, rhythm, drumming, and movement as the foundation of our team building events. We bring unity to disparate groups, break down barriers, and allow participants to learn from their peers.

Our high-energy and interactive team building drum workshop is for groups of all sizes. Through the sessions, participants experience how to:

Communicate differently

Participants will combine the power of active listening – being able to understand, respond, and repeat what is being said – and non-verbal communication to achieve their goals.

Create a foundation for future success

By working together, participants develop skills both individually and as a group. They learn to appreciate and complement each other. Hierarchies disappear and communication channels open – creating a solid base for future success.

Focus on being rather than doing

Rhythm and music are used to build communities. We allow people to fully engage with the music they’re making – with their mind, bodies, and emotions. We help employees become present in the moment. We ask them to let go of distractions and be aware of where they are and what they’re doing at a single point in time. Our training helps participants discover their role in a team and how this fits into a work context.

Are you bored of the same old team building activities?

Why not get in touch to find out about our team building icebreakers in a workplace and meetings and see how we can really a make a difference.

I have been impressed by Sewa Beats' ability to deliver on their promise and drive an audience of over 600 people to team up and achieve what seemed totally impossible to every one of them before. This helped us a lot to get the members of the Oracle PartnerNetwork understand that together, we are unbeatable.

Michel Clement, Senior Director, Oracle PartnerNetwork & Value Added Resellers Oracle EMEA

You guys were amazing! You really raised the tempo of the conference, which was really great for re-energizing everyone and also, bringing the team together through harmonisation was excellent.

Carol McEvoy, Kraft Europe

The event was extraordinary. It helped reinforce team spirit, and more importantly, proved that if this spirit is well driven, it becomes easier to generate synergies and more efficient work input. If on top of that we add the fact that everyone enjoyed it... what could be better?

Juan Carlos Prieto, SAPLA Accenture, Resources Partner