Our company is founded on the belief that if people can connect with themselves, and understand their own behaviors, they can better relate to others around them.

We use music, rhythm, and drumming as a training vehicle to drive this self-awareness. In our corporate drumming events, we give the people space to experience and share experiences. We then help them reconnect with their work with a more profound awareness of the issues they face.

Our work focuses on five key areas:

So far, we’ve trained over 300,000 people in seven languages in over 19 countries. Companies such as Shell, Google, and Coca-Cola have used us to shape their leaders of the future. Will your team be next?

Would you like to know more? Are you curious about how corporate drumming works? Do you have a specific challenge for us?
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You guys are amazing! you really raised the tempo of the conference, which was really great for re-energizing everyone and also, bringing the team together through harmonisation was excellent.

Carol McEvoy, Kraft Europe